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Glenn Harris is the Haute Travel Writer,  an accomplished journalist focusing on luxury travel, fine dining, and  exclusive lifestyle events. He is a US/UK based writer whose wanderlust has taken him to over 110 countries where he constantly strays off the beaten path to uncover exotic locations, travel gems and exciting experiences to capture. In addition to writing for luxury travel titles such as Just Luxe, Lonely Planet, Cruise Critic, and  A Luxury Travel Blog, he is the Editor-at-Large for Beau Monde Traveler. 

Glasgow's Real-Life Fairytale: Royal Living in Scotland's Crossbasket Castle

Throughout the United Kingdom, like most of Europe, you’ll find regal castles dotting the landscape; remnants of a time when feudal lords ruled over their dominions. Their homes were a representation of their wealth and power and fortified with thick stone walls, turrets, and crenelled roofs a vantage point where armies protected their sovereignty. Today many of these noble abodes offer a respite where guests on holiday are still treated like royalty, if even for just a few days. Crossbasket Cas

Destination Brisbane: Australia's Newly Minted Jetset City: Part 1

Australians have a peculiar habit of giving everything childish-sounding nicknames. An umbrella is a brollie, breakfast is brekkie, and sunglasses are sunnies. And thanks to Crocodile Dundee, we’ve all heard of their word for barbeque, a la “throw some shrimp on the barbie”. This quirk of adding “ie” to the first syllable touches pretty much everything, even their cities. Brizzie just so happens to be the endearing title that Aussies have bestowed upon on one of the world’s most up-and-coming je

Exploring Noosa: How Australia Defines Coastal Chic

Your front yard is the horizon. Where your lawn would be is an ocean of blue, cerulean, and emerald green colors that doesn’t end until the sea meets the sky. Where your back yard would be is a row of boutiques and shops selling designer fashions and resort wear as well as blingy baubles and the finest watch brands. This is the Hamptons down under and the definition of exclusivity. By design, this tony destination does not seek to provide something for everyone. This is Noosa on the north-easter

Exploring Australia's Kakadu National Park, A National Treasure and Twice Listed UNESCO World Heritage Wildlife Refuge

The Grand Canyon, Krueger National Park, and England’s Lake District National Park are a few of the world’s most renowned nature reserves, and with good reason. These lands have been set aside to preserve their incredible natural beauty, vast landscapes, and as a refuge for wildlife, and which are to be appreciated for generations to come. Australia’s Northern Territory has its own set of natural wonders that deserve a place amongst the world’s most gorgeous national parks and none more renowned

Cairns Australia: Sure, The Great Barrier Reef But So More Than a One Trick Pony

Cairns Australia: Sure, The Great Barrier Reef But So More Than a One Trick Pony The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world where SCUBA diving, snorkeling or a tour in glass bottom boat allows a way to see it up close and an adventure of a lifetime. That is the main drawing card for sure of Cairns, located in the northern reaches of Australia east coast, but this town is so much more than a one trick pony. From adventures away from the sea, posh resorts, and decadent dining

Exploring the Red Centre, Alice Springs and the Gorgeous Gorges of Central Australia's Outback

The Outback is the term created to define Australia’s most rugged areas, far away from the coast and in the country’s most arid and unpopulated areas. At the turn of the last century, this terrain was deemed unsuitable for farming and of little perceived value. This landscape endlessly rambles with a monotony of red dirt and scrawny bushes, devoid of the skyscrapers found light-years away in Sydney and Melbourne. But for many, this is exactly what they are after, a beautiful, rugged country whe

Australia's Tropical Island Playground: Diving into The Whitsunday Part 2

There’s no holiday like being on a tropical island. The image of palm trees rustling in the breeze and the sounds of waves, white-sand beaches, and azure blue waters never gets old. In northern Queensland, there are a string of islands known as the Whitsundays. There awaits breezy island holidays that can be described by nothing less than the cliché of paradise perfection. Here is part 2 of our Whitsundays Tropical Island review. The Whitsundays is worthy of all the predictable platitudes; pict

Africola Restaurant: Where to go for a Foodgasm in South Australia

Most would agree that the best dining experience is not always about uber-fancy food with unrecognizable ingredients served with spume this and micro that, in a presentation so intricate you don’t know where to start. Often a good time with good friends and sharing good food is what moves us most. Africola is arguably Adelaide’s most exciting restaurant whose recipe consists of all of the above with a no holds barred serving of some damn good cooking as well. Africola is located in Adelaide’s t

Tasting Australia Adelaide, Australia's Epicenter of Gastronomy

Since the days of the first settlers, Australia has been influenced by a mix of people, cultures, and traditions, all of whom have left their impact on the Aussie way of life. Nowhere is this more evident than in their food culture. The patina of influences from the Aboriginals, Germans, Polish, Irish, Chinese, and English is everywhere but especially in the culinary scene of the land down under. A 10-day celebration of their love of food and wine takes place each year in Adelaide, Australia’s e

Australia's Grape to Glass Field of Dreams: Clare Valley Gourmet Week

Australia is indisputably one of the top producers of new world wines. Since the late 1800s, immigrants from Europe brought their way of life and love of food and wine to this island continent in the far reaches of the globe. In the highlands two hours away from Adelaide in South Australia is where you’ll find the Clare Valley. A piece of heaven found on rolling hills and pastures that produce highly acclaimed cool-climate wines. A celebration of this region’s traditions and love of food and win

Australia's Unforgettable Wetland Safari at the Bamurru Plains

As the light of dawn breaks, the morning view gradually evolves from pitch black to reveal a savannah of long grass marshlands for miles and miles in every direction. In place of a digital clock, the waking alarm is the boisterous cackle of the Blue-winged Kookaburra just outside your cabin in chorus with other exotic birds as they warble, chirp, and coo to announce the sun’s rising. A few hours later, the serenity of nature is broken by the thunderous roar of an engine and whirling of propeller

Laid Back Beach Luxury at The Reef House in Australia's Palm Cove

In Northern Queensland along the endless miles of coastline is where you’ll find the beachfront hamlet of Palm Cove. But be advised, Palm Cove is not for everyone. It is a mature and sophisticated corner of the world sans mass tourism, blingy beach bars, and fast-food restaurants. What Palm Cove offers is a place to slow down, rest, and relax while soaking in the balmy weather, swaying palm trees, and sun and sand of Northern Queensland’s tropical coast. The Reef House - M Gallery Collection, is

Longitude 131°and Uluru, Central Australia's Ultimate Desert-Luxe Rock Star Retreat

At first sight, one is instantly in awe. Anticipate a mix of astonishment and spiritual emotion followed by the futility of searching for a reference to compare. The natural beauty of the Matterhorn comes to mind followed by the power of Niagara Falls or perhaps the daunting size of the Grand Canyon. Ultimately you will come to terms that you’ve never seen anything like it and resolve to merely appreciate its one-of-a-kind majestic beauty. This is what it is like to see Uluru, a 500-million-year

Cowboy Living in Australia's Five Star Bullo River Station

Practically every young boy has once dreamt of living the life of a cowboy. Home on the range and days filled with rustlings a wayward calf, driving cattle from the plains and sleeping under the stars of an open sky. Australia, in days gone past, was built on this life. Even today, Australia has hundreds of Ponderosa-sized cattle ranches, thousands upon thousands of acres in size, and much larger than a state or country. Australia’s Northern Territory is such a place. A 500,000-acre cattle stat

Australia's Underwater Hotel: A Night in the Great Barrier Reef at Cruise Whitsundays Reefsuites.

Australis's Underwater Hotel: A Night in the Great Barrier Reef at Cruise Whitsundays Reefsuites. Sleeping with the Fishes sounds like a line from the Sopranos and surely not something that any of us would want to personally experience. However, in this case, it is something completely different and refers to a once in a lifetime chance to sleep under the sea surrounded by Australia’s greatest treasure. The Reefsuites, from Cruise Whitsundays offer guests a submerged hotel room with a surreal

The Royal Malewane: South Africa's Kruger Park Most Opulent Safari Resort

The Wild Kingdom Adventure of South Africa's Kruger Park its Most Opulent Safari Resort, The Royal Malewane Every country has a national treasure. Something that is to be preserved for future generations and for all to admire. Few and far between have a world treasure, a place that is of unsurpassed significance to mankind. South Africa’s Kruger Park is such a place. This unspoiled God’s gift to man is the size of Wales and filled with natural beauty of mountain ranges, all manner of fauna an

The Riley, The Tropi-Chic Hotel at the Doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef

When we think of a chic beachfront resort overlooking a sparkling azure ocean with and those enviable toned and tanned bodies lazing about a sexy pool scene, the first location that would come to mind would be Miami, Santorini, or perhaps Ibiza. Well, this scene could not be further away from South Beach and is in fact in the northeastern most region of Australia and at the Riley, Crystalbrook Collection Resort Cairns. Cairns is located in Australia’s tropical north and is the doorway to the co

From Rags to Riches, A Review of Singapore's High-Class Haven, The Fullerton Hotel

Singapore is the epitome of a rags to riches story. This small country at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula is a tale of triumph over adversity to become an uncontested success story. Smaller in size than New York City, this quaint country was ruled by the British, occupied by the Japanese during World War II, handed back to British rule until forming an independent union with Malaysia. Singapore then went its own way and struggled from its independence in 1965 and through the 1970s with rampan

Dublin's Bastion for the Traveling Elite, The Westbury Hotel

What was once a forgotten spot on the tourists' to-do list has now become a born again hot destination for jetsetters. Dublin has again become the UK’s go-to destination with an exciting offering of cultural activities, shopping, nightlife, and fine dining. The address for the traveling elite and bastion for the upper crust is located a stone’s throw away from the best that the city has to offer. Known for its swanky interiors and where sophisticated hospitality reigns supreme, Dublin’s most ton
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