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Glenn Harris is the Haute Travel Writer. He is an accomplished journalist focusing on luxury travel, fine dining, and  exclusive lifestyle events. His wanderlust has taken him to over 95 countries where he constantly strays off the beaten path to uncover exotic locations,  travel gems and exciting experiences to capture.

The Wild Kingdom Adventure of South Africa's Kruger Park its Most Opulent Safari Resort, The Royal Malewane

The Wild Kingdom Adventure of South Africa's Kruger Park its Most Opulent Safari Resort, The Royal Malewane Every country has a national treasure. Something that is to be preserved for future generations and for all to admire. Few and far between have a world treasure, a place that is of unsurpassed significance to mankind. South Africa’s Kruger Park is such a place. This unspoiled God’s gift to man is the size of Wales and filled with natural beauty of mountain ranges, all manner of fauna an

The Riley, The Tropi-Chic Hotel at the Doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef

When we think of a chic beachfront resort overlooking a sparkling azure ocean with and those enviable toned and tanned bodies lazing about a sexy pool scene, the first location that would come to mind would be Miami, Santorini, or perhaps Ibiza. Well, this scene could not be further away from South Beach and is in fact in the northeastern most region of Australia and at the Riley, Crystalbrook Collection Resort Cairns. Cairns is located in Australia’s tropical north and is the doorway to the co

From Rags to Riches, A Review of Singapore's High-Class Haven, The Fullerton Hotel

Singapore is the epitome of a rags to riches story. This small country at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula is a tale of triumph over adversity to become an uncontested success story. Smaller in size than New York City, this quaint country was ruled by the British, occupied by the Japanese during World War II, handed back to British rule until forming an independent union with Malaysia. Singapore then went its own way and struggled from its independence in 1965 and through the 1970s with rampan

Dublin's Bastion for the Traveling Elite, The Westbury Hotel

What was once a forgotten spot on the tourists' to-do list has now become a born again hot destination for jetsetters. Dublin has again become the UK’s go-to destination with an exciting offering of cultural activities, shopping, nightlife, and fine dining. The address for the traveling elite and bastion for the upper crust is located a stone’s throw away from the best that the city has to offer. Known for its swanky interiors and where sophisticated hospitality reigns supreme, Dublin’s most ton

The Hotel Chadstone Melbourne MGallery by Sofitel and Melbourne's Shopping Mecca The Chadstone Mall -The Fashion Capital

Australia has a wealth of experiences from the Outback, Barrier Reef, miles and miles of coastline and uber-cosmopolitan urban centers. When we think of Australia, first-class shopping probably does not come to mind, however, it probably should. The largest mall in the southern hemisphere, Chadstone Mall -The Fashion Capital, is located in Melbourne and is filled with a mind-numbing offering of outlets selling everything from bespoke jewels to pets. No need to worry about staying far away in bet

Glamping Down Under, Luxury Travel in Australia with Built in Social Distancing

Glamping Down Under, Luxury Travel in Australia with Built in Social Distancing As the first half of 2020 has taught us, the human tribe is resilient. We have learned that when life gives us lemons that we make lemonade and to focus on what we can do versus what we cannot. Part of that learning is our newfound appreciation of the great outdoors. To be out in nature as a way to have an adventure, to exercise and breathe in fresh air and to restore our spirit and all the while social distancing.

An Outback Safari Adventure in Australia's Gawler Ranges

For some of us, at a time like this, to think about travel could be considered frivolous. But we know that although the days ahead may be tough, we will get through this. Our lives will never be the same, but we will get through it. And when we do, we will mourn, reflect, and then celebrate and enjoy life again. Part of the way we enjoy living again is to experience new places and to renew our love of travel. Until then, we can still dream, plan and even research what’s next for us and to refin

The Slow Travel and Lifestyle of of Korean Villages

Many times, when we travel, not only do we pack for the trip, but we also pack a long checklist of things to do and see once we get to our destination. This must-do checklist drives us to rush from one place to the next and cram as many experiences into each trip as possible. Sadly, our focus becomes completing the list, and at the end of the holiday we are often unsatisfied knowing that by doing too much we did not pause to truly savor the destination. In South Korea, a few hours southeast of

This South Korean region is a natural wonderland

South Korea offers a wide range of experiences to suit every traveler. Travelers will fall in love with the rich culture of the Korean people as well as an exquisite culinary scene, bustling night markets, and of course, K-Pop music. South Korea also offers exhilarating outdoor adventures from camping, hiking, and even skiing. A few hours southeast of Seoul is where you will find the spectacular scenery and fresh air of Gyeongbuk, and countless options to enjoy the surrounding nature. What will

Kyoto's Most Authentic Luxury Holiday, The Sophisticated Ryokans by Nazuna

Kyoto’s Most Authentic Luxury Holiday, The Sophisticated Ryokans by Nazuna Kyoto Japan is the manifestation of what many sophisticated travelers think of when seeking out a fascinating travel destination. A rich culture based on thousands of years of traditions, natural beauty, and an endless list of UNESCO and sightseeing wonders. It is, in a word, magical. There is no better way to indulge in an authentic Kyoto experience than staying in one of the luxury ryokan offered by the Nazuna hotel

The Mornington Peninsula's Epicurean Triumph, the Polperro Winery, Cellar Door Restaurant, and Vineyard Villas

There is nothing like a weekend getaway in the country. Taking a few hours’ drive away from the big city for an indulgent change of scenery and enjoying some delightful simple pleasure. An hour’s drive from Melbourne Australia is the Mornington Peninsula, a bucolic countryside surrounded by idyllic blue water and white sand beaches. This is one of Australia’s most coveted wine regions known for producing some of the country's top chardonnays and pinot noirs. An ideal way to savor the peninsula i

Exploring Japan's Most Spellbinding City, Kyoto and a Stay at the Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel

Exploring Japan's Most Spellbinding City, Kyoto and a Stay at the Suiran, a Luxury Collection Hotel Japan is a destination like no other with a rich culture and heritage built on thousands of years emperors, samurai, and geishas. Tokyo is akin to New York, London, or Paris and the financial, business, and brains, if you will, of Japan. To the south is Kyoto that could be referred to as the soul of Japan due to its artistic and cultural influences as well as its natural beauty. On the outskirt

Leeds Castle, England's Medieval Masterpiece and Quintessential Castle Holiday

Once upon a time. These are four words that we all remember from the bedtime fairy tales of our early years. Many of those stories included a princess in a royal castle and adventures of knights in shining armor. As adults, many of us have kept an ember of those childhood fantasies and still yearn to explore those lavish castles where untold treasures can still be found. Today there is one such castle that lies deep within the English countryside, complete with drawbridges, moats, and beautiful

Mother Nature's Crown Jewel, Exploring New Zealand's South Island and a stay at The Blanket Bay Lodge

Mother Nature's Crown Jewel, Exploring New Zealand's South Island and a stay at The Blanket Bay Lodge Paradise is a cliché term bandied about when the natural landscape in front of the viewer is beyond any other descriptor. The South Island of New Zealand is such place of crisp fresh air, majestic snow-capped alpine mountains, emerald forests, and crystal-clear fjord lakes where to describe it as paradise could be considered an understatement. This pristine wilderness is literally Middle Eart

Indulging in Singapore's Big Deal, The Marina Bay Sands

Cities around the world have their man-made icons that become the identity of the destination, instantly recognizable by all. New York has the Statue of Liberty, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben. The small country of Singapore has one as well and it happens to be the most expensive hotel in the world to build. It is the Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands is much more than arguably the most spectacular hotel in Asia. At over six billion dollars, it the most expensive hotel in t

New Zealand Luxury Lodge & Billionaire's Retreat, The Helena Bay Lodge

When money is no object, we can be unbound in our pursuit of ways to enjoy life. Today, not even a flight to outer space is beyond our reach. When this ability is applied to creating a resort, you’ll most likely find it in a beautiful corner of the world, secluded and away from the masses. The next part of the dream resort plan would be to make it exclusive with just a few uber posh accommodations, provide Michelin star level dining, over the top amenities and then add a staff the size of a smal

Living Well at the Graflicher Park Health & Balance Resort, Germany's Uber Exclusive Health Clinic

Luxury is about so much more than the stuff that we can buy. It is about our health, quality of life, and being around for our loved ones. Taking care of our health is paramount to enjoying life itself and particularly, as we age, finding ways to live a healthier and longer life becomes even more important. At the turn of the last century, an Austrian scientist, F. X. Mayr, discovered that much of our quality of health and issues are directly tied to what we eat or, just as important, don’t eat.

The W Bali, The Epicenter of Cool in the Island of the Gods

There is only one letter in the alphabet that when proceeded with a declarative, the, is instantly identifiable as a gathering place for the hip and cool. The letter is of course W and is the moniker for hipster hangout hotels found throughout the world such as you’ll find at The W Bali. The W Bali is hands down the sexiest hotel on the island and offers the total package to jetsetters looking to indulge in all that Bali has to offer. Located in Bali’s party zone, Seminiyak, The W is close to a

Australia's Willie Wonka of Wine, Chester Osborne of d'Arenberg Wine and the McLaren Vale

Australia's wine industry is ripe with visionaries, mavericks and colorful characters with a bullheaded commitment to creating world-class wine. They are after all farmers and, by definition, toil season after season, crop after crop, and harvest after harvest in hopes - and often failures - of creating liquid gold from each uncertain vintage. Arguably South Australia’s most colorful winemaker, literally, is Chester Osbourne of McLaren Vale’s d’Arenberg Wines. Known for his flamboyant shirts tha

Conscious Living At The Fiveelements Retreat Bali, Ubud's Premier Eco-Luxe Wellness Sanctuary

Once upon a time, Bali was a simple, yet exotic place known mainly to the adventurous traveler in search of natural places of serene beauty. This was the 70s and 80s and pre the Julia Robert’s Eat Pray and Loving her way around the world to land in Bali and find herself. Ubud, in particular, was then, and is still now, known as a place of natural beauty but also for its unmistakable spiritual presence. For the guest that is looking for an authentic Ubud experience of Bali’s golden era, look no f
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